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We offer expert help in order to assess any Stamp Duty Rebate

2nd Home Stamp Duty Rebate

If the 2nd property had a defect at the time of purchase that meets certain criteria, we can claim a rebate based on a recent case law case.

There is a host of factors that determine if a property should be defined as uninhabitable. Contact us to check the criteria.

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Sale of Primary Residence

If you purchased a 2nd property and kept your primary residency you will have paid a surcharge on Stamp Duty.

However if you have sold the primary residence within 3 years this could be refunded. Rebates are typically less than 8 weeks.

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Free Review of Stamp Duty Paid

We offer a free checking service. Our experts can review the evidence generated at the point of sale and advise accordingly.

The UK currently overpay Stamp Duty to the value of 2 billion each year. Check to see if you are due a rebate.

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