Typical Rebates?

How much can I expect to get back should my claim be valid and approved?

Every case is different. Here are some of the cases that we’ve successfully claimed refunds for:

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Refund £18,250

"Excellent advice from the team and I was kept informed at each stage.

Unaware that the lack of heating and mains gas supply to my buy to let had an impact on the Stamp Duty"

Mrs R Smith - Coventry

Refund £48,000

"As an experienced property developer I assumed everything had been calculated correctly - apparently not!

Advised on the refund amount due to inhabitable domestic property on purchase and dealt with swiftly"

James - London

Refund £2,950

"Spoke with Janet and she guided me through the process. I did not have the original surveyors report and assumed I could not claim.

We were able to use the repair invoices and photos to prove the state of disrepair"

Miss Klakson - Birmingham

Refund £85,000

"Fast and efficient service.

Knowledgeable staff.

Rebate took just over 6 weeks from me sending in my evidence to the legal team"

Mr Robertson - London

Refund £12,050

"Having been through a divorce and buying a second property I paid a premium on my Stamp Duty.

This was successfully claimed back once my old marital home was sold.

Great staff with patience to explain the process!"

Ms Claire Trough - Manchester

The story behind Stamp Duty Hub

Stamp Duty Hub are part of Evans Hughes Ltd. An FCA regulated Claims Management Company based in the heart of London. With national experts in Litigation, Property Surveys and Assessments we understand Stamp Duty better than most.

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About Stamp Duty Rebates

3 Steps to make a Stamp Duty Rebate Claim

Our expert team provide advice, collect the information and process and refund due on a No Win - No Fee basis


Determine if eligible

We will collect information from you about your property, and assess the eligibility of your claim.


Gather information

Our legal team will compile and submit the claim to HMRC on your behalf, as well as defend any possible challenges.



You can expect your refund within 6-8 weeks of submitting the claim to HMRC, should your application be accepted.

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Our Top 8 Reasons For A Second Property Rebate

Although not an exhaustive list, these are the most common reasons for a second property Stamp Duty Rebate.

Our experts will help you gather the evidence you require to make a successful claim.

Damp and Mould

Often a symptom of more serious issues. Serious damp and black mould would mean that the property would be unsuitable for human habitation.

John Carter
Senior Surveyor

Leaks and Water Damage

Needing a new roof is a common theme in a 'doer upper' second property investment. If the current roof is not fit for purpose then the leaks and damage make the property unfit for human habitation

Sophie Moore

Substandard Kitchen

The kitchen area is an essential requirement in making a domestic property habitable. Having the ability to store and prepare food is a basic requirement.

Lily Woods

Bathroom not functional

Part of meeting the fit for habitation requirements if having a functioning bathroom. If there is no water or sewage connections to the property for example it would not be classed as a domestic dwelling.

Sarah Jones
Buildings Health & Safety Assessor

Faulty or Dangerous Electrics

As well as condemned boilers there are properties that are in urgent need of a full rewire. Exposed wires and cracked and dangerous electrical fitting pose a significant risk to human life and make dwelling not fit for purpose.

Michael Craig
Senior Eco Surveyor


Many older properties have Asbestos however if it is in a dangerous condition then this can make the property dangerous. Exposed or crumbling areas with Asbestos are the most common we come across.

Sarah Jones
Buildings Health & Safety Assessor

Defective Heating

Having one of the basic human needs unavailable makes any home fall below the required standard. Its not just heating but also the supply of water to washing facilities.

Michael Craig
Senior Eco Surveyor

Structural Issues

Cracks and movement in the property could need underpinning or further work before the property is safe to be used as a domestic dwelling.

Sarah Jones
Buildings Health & Safety Assessor

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